[Genealib] What is the currently preferred archival storage?

Robert Sullivan robert.g.sullivan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 09:54:23 EDT 2009

> I agree entirely with Claire Kluskens.

And WV should be applauded for their work with the irreplaceable
smaller newspapers.  However, I think this point needs to be made

> Microfilm and microfilm camera suppliers and repair companies are
> disappearing at an alarming rate as most institutions and private firms opt
> for digitization without microfilming, both for acessibility and financial
> reasons.  I can't stress enough that the process Claire outlined by which

I thought about this during the March discussions about the genealogy
library of 20-30 years hence.  IMHO there seemed to be something of a
fixation on arguing that we should microfilm without considering
whether we *could* (or would be able to), and the above statement lays
it all out - in the greater scheme of things, does what libraries
think about microfilm really matter?  How long will the technology
remain viable as a business?

N.B The demise of Kodachrome slide film was announced last month:


> have to go.  We have given up book budgets and other funds over the
> years to keep our newspaper subscriptions and our microfilming
> program.  I wish NARA and FHL would both promote this idea more to
> all levels of libraries and archives.  Grants would be nice, too!

It seems to me that someone needs to be planning to be the source of
last resort (NARA?), both to keep the process on life support and to
assist libraries financially with newspaper preservation.

Bob Sullivan
Schenectady Digital History Archive
Schenectady County (NY) Public Library

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