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I would be interested in learning other criteria for weeding collections.  I generally try to identify the audience and predict, or track, what they use.  Here in Atlanta, the obvious materials are from the Southeast.  Oddly enough, there is a demand for materials specifically from Massachusetts and New York.  There is a definite migration connection here.

Here at the Atlanta History Center we try to track the items our patrons use.  And we use this as the primary guideline for accessions into the collections.

Other criteria is more guess work.  Knowing our patrons and their research needs.  This goes a long way in defining our collection.

I hope this helps.  And, I am interested to read other responses to your questions if people will be so kind as to reply on-list.

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Hi everyone,

   I imagine somewhere out there is a tidy list of criteria for how one decides what materials to keep in a genealogical library collection and what not to keep. The collection I'm working with is a local county/state public research-only (not checkout) collection. I'd appreciate any ideas folks have about things to consider when making these kinds of decisions....I'm aware of the usual considerations, dated, geographical, etc. I'm wondering about more ideas.

  Thanks in advance!

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