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Thanks much, I'll pass the info along.


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To All ALE Subscribers:


MyFamily.com -- makers of Ancestry Library Edition -- is aware of the
bad link that goes to a blank page and they are taking steps to correct
it.  As Cheryl Smith kindly noted, you can also reach the Recent Website
Additions page by clicking on the "Recent" link found near the bottom of
the ALE home page, under the subheading "More Collections".


I'd also like to take this opportunity to notify subscribers that the
Card Catalog and expanded Advanced Search features are now available.
To access the features, please follow these two steps:


1. At the top of the ALE home page, you'll see three tabs: Home, Search,
Charts and Forms.  Click on the Search tab.  The "Search for Your
Ancestors" screen will appear.


2. In the top right corner of the screen, you'll see a box titled,
"Search Resources."  Inside this box are the hyperlinks to the Card
Catalog and Advanced Search.  Click on the link of your choice.




Bill Forsyth


William Forsyth, PMP

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Subject: [Genealib] Recent Website Additions link on A.L.E.

There is a link on Ancestry Library Edition to "recent website
additions" but it takes you to a blank page.  Does anyone know another
way to find these recent additions?  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is
it just a local problem in our library?  To see what I'm talking about
open ALE and click on the search tab at the top of the page. After that
page loads,look in the lower right hand corner where there is a link
that says "recent database editions" right below "all databases".  If we
click on this we get a blank page. I've tried to find the new editions
in other ways with no luck.  Any suggestions?
Elaine Jones Hayes MLS
Special Collections Librarian
Family and Local History
Laramie County Library System
2800 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
ehayes at lclsonline.org
307-634-3561 x132
"There is a history in all men's lives." -- William Shakespeare 
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