[Engineer] 40th Anniversary Trivia Contest for Students - Question#6

Kile, Jonathan jkile at eng.usf.edu
Wed Nov 24 09:38:50 EST 2004



In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the USF College of Engineering, Dean
Martin-Vega is sponsoring a Trivia Contest every other week.    


Be the first to reply correctly to jkile at eng.usf.edu and you will
receive the weekly prize as well as being entered in the grand prize
drawing in April.  This week's prize is a choice of a 40th Anniversary
Coffee Cup or a College of Engineering CD holder.  Remember, you are
only eligible to win one contest. At the end of the spring semester, one
weekly winner will be drawn for the grand prize:  a $250 Scholarship.


USF College of Engineering History

Trivia Question #6.


The Engineering College Council was established in the same year
President Richard Nixon resigned.  What year was it?    


 The first student to reply correctly to jkile at eng.usf.edu will be this
week's winner. 




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