[Engineer] Free Pizza and Leadership Workshop sponsored by Tau Beta Pi

jashepar at eng.usf.edu jashepar at eng.usf.edu
Mon Nov 15 18:53:51 EST 2004

Tau Beta Pi would like to invite you and your friends (they don't have to be
Engineering students or students of USF) to a free leadership workshop on Team
Chartering on Saturday, Nov. 20th at 10am in MC 132/133.  We have a trained
facilitator that comes and teaches by a program that is used in Fortune 500
companies.  Team Chartering will teach the following parts:

Part One--Defining the Role of Teams
-why organizations are moving to teams
-looking at your own team
-defining the role of teams
-stages in a team's growth
-listening skills that can ease movement through team stages

Part Two--Developing the Team's Own Charter
-Exercises that build trust among team members
-developing team ground rules
-anticipating team challenges

This module is great for those involved in a society.  You will learn things not
taught in Engineering courses, but are useful for your career.  You can even
put it on your resume!!  This is not a boring lecture.  The material is taught
through role playing, group discussion, tv skits, slides, and handouts.  Sign
up is mandatory so we know how much pizza to order.  Sign up outside our office
(ENX 130A) in the "Futures" folder or email me at: jashepar at eng.usf.edu

See you there!!!

Jackie Shepard
Vice President
Tau Beta Pi Florida Gamma Chapter

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