[Engineer] SWE meeting /Co-op and Full time positions available at the Mosaic Co.

amhassni at mail.usf.edu amhassni at mail.usf.edu
Tue Nov 2 20:18:16 EST 2004

Hello everyone!

   The Society of Women engineers is not only an organization that
establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women
(with Male encouragement of course!), but it is also the bridge that
connects us, the students, to engineers and field professionals.

 "What is it like to be an engineer?" is going to be the theme of our
meeting Wednesday, November 3rd at 5:00pm (ENC 3006).

Our guest speaker is going to be Carissa Giblin from The Mosaic Company
formerly "Cargill Crop Nutrition".

So please don’t miss the opportunity to come and learn about what you are
going to school for!

Also, if you are looking for a job/co-op:

 The Mosaic company is recruiting chemical, mechanical,
civil/environmental and electrical full time positions and co-ops for the
fall and spring terms!!

  More about the company at: www.mosaicco.com

Food and Refreshments will be provided :)

     Thank you
    Asmae Mhassni
   SWE-USF President

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