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Anne Mockensturm amockens at mail.usf.edu
Tue Apr 14 23:45:56 EDT 2009

Hey everyone! I hope your work loads aren't TOO bad as we near the end of
the semester... Anyway,

BIBLE STUDY/POTLUCK will be this Wednesday at 7:30pm at the Catholic Center.
The theme for potluck is "End of Lent Foods"/"Paul's Favorite Foods." All
are welcome to come.

This Saturdayis the CSU BEACH DAY. We'll be meeting at the Catholic Center
at 9:00am. Don't forget to bring sunblock and a food item to share. Sign up
for you dish on facebook.

We will have a MEETING this Sunday at 8:00pm at the Catholic Center. If you
haven't gotten a shirt yet, you can pick up one there.

Wednesday, the 22nd, Phi Sigma Pi is having a SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE for Teach
for America, and we are partnering with them. Take your school supplies to
the Marshall Center on the 22nd, or bring them to the next CSU meeting.

Next Friday, the 24th, we will have our END OF SEMESTER DINNER. We will meet
at the Catholic Center at 7:00pm and carpool to the restraunt. The location
is TBD, but possibly Jerk Hut.

If you will be around this summer, you may want to volunteer for us
for the FRESHMAN
ORIENTATIONS. We need a minimum of 1 person, maximum of 3 for every Monday
and Thursday from 4:15-6:00pm, starting June 8th. (If you volunteer, you do
not have to sign up for every one, just whichever orientations you can make
it to, even if it's only one.) Let us know if you're interested!

God bless,
Anne Mockensturm
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