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Hey everyone! We had a great time at Relay for Life. Thanks to everyone who
came out and made it such a great night.

The CSU will have their POTLUCK/BIBLE STUDY this Wednesday at the Catholic
Center, as usual. The theme this week is "Passover Foods" or "Jewish Foods."
*Note: Matza is great with peanut butter*

HOLY THURSDAY MASS is this Thursday at 7pm at the Catholic Center. Think of
it as a free pedicure.

We will be doing the STATIONS OF THE CROSS this Friday (Good Friday) at the
Catholic Center at 5pm.

GOOD FRIDAY MASS is at 7pm at the Catholic Center. Don't forget it's a day
of fasting!

The SATURDAY VIGIL starts at 8:30pm. *Note: this is for hard-core Catholics,
because it's long. It's a good thing that YOU are a hard-core Catholic!*

Congratulations to Ingrid, who will become Catholic this Easter!

The EASTER DAY MASSES are at their normal times (10:00am, 7:00pm).

There is NO CSU MEETING this Sunday. Enjoy it with your family. (Or with
your homework, if you aren't going home).

The CSU will have a BEACH DAY on Saturday, April 18th. We'll meet at the
Catholic Center at 9:00am (it will be worth it!) and carpool to the beach.
And this year, no keys will be lost in the water. We should return around
3:00pm, and you will not be sunburnt, because you will have worn sunblock.
You will then tease the lobsters who thought that they were too tough to
wear SPF.

The END OF SEMESTER DINNER will be Friday, April 24th. We will meet at the
Catholic Center at 7:00pm to carpool and such. There is no confirmed
restraunt, but there are rumors that Jerk Hut is a possibility.

Congratulations to the new officers. They will take over once this semester
is over.
President- Paul D.
Vice President- Anne M.
Secretary- Melanie M.
Treasurer- Jared C.
Historian- Meagan E.

If you are interested in being more involved next year, you can start
prayerfully discerning taking on a COMMITTEE CHAIR. This will be a new
practice for next year, but committee chairs will serve rolls similar to
officers, and will have specific responsibilities associated with their
committee.  Start praying to see if God is leading you there. If you feel
called, let one of the officers know that you are interested!

Have a great week.
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