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Tue Jan 23 08:34:24 EST 2007

Happy Tuesday to everyone!  Please read this email carefully- I need responses regarding some of the upcoming CSU activities.  Thank you very much.
*Rock Climbing Wall* - @ YMCA in St. Petersburg
Hourly rental for the group: $100 (no matter how many people- so the more the merrier (and cheaper!)
We want to have at least 10 people in order to reserve it.  It's an indoor, teambuilding activity- lots of fun!
February 10th- meet at 11am and return by 2pm (longer if we want to stop for lunch afterwards!)
***PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED (mlf7act at aol.com)!  *We will not make a reservation if we do not have enough interest* (I'm sorry!)
*Change of Date of February Service Project- to Saturday, February 24th*
Due to circumstances from their end, we will be serving dinner to the migrant farm workers of St. Clement's parish on 2/24.  We will carpool to a certain location (to be determined) where they will bus us to volunteer.  They will bus us back after we are done and we can return to the Catholic Center.
This will take up a good chunk of the day (probably meet around 4:30pm and return around 8:30pm- maybe a little longer), but it will be well worth it.
Again, we are looking for 10 people.
***PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED (mlf7act at aol.com).  Sorry for any inconvenience in the change of date (unfortunately it was out of my control).
*CSU t-shirts*
We will be ordering these soon.  If you have a size preference for your t-shirt, please email me (mlf7act at aol.com) with your name and size.  Otherwise Kelly and I will be estimating and getting a number of each different size.
Thanks!  Please respond regarding the three activities above.  Don't forget- Bible Study on Wednesday (8:30pm), Putt Putt golfing on Friday (meet at 7:00pm), and CSU meeting Sunday (8:00pm)!  We look forward to seeing you all soon!
Take care!  Have a great week!
In Christ,
Marisa (mlf7act at aol.com)
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