[Csu-usf] putt putt, meetings, bible studies, and more :)

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Tue Jan 16 22:13:09 EST 2007

Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far.
Thank you for all of your prayers for those who attended the retreat.  We all had a wonderful time up at the lodge, and we hope many of you will be able to join us in the near future for more CSU events.
I'll keep it short and sweet, but here are the reminders for the upcoming weeks:
*Bible Study* Wednesday, 1/17 @ 8:30pm in Fr. Alan's office @ the Catholic Center
*Stampede of Service* Saturday, 1/20; 8am-2pm (lunch provided)- email Kelly (kmf2act at aol.com) if you want to participate as part of the CSU team or if you have any questions.
*CSU meeting* Sunday, 1/21 @ 8pm in the Community Room - please join us for prayer, activities, announcements, food, and fellowship (we'll keep it short- we know everyone is super busy!) :)
*Putt Putt Golf* Friday, 1/26 - Meet @ the Catholic Center at 7:00pm- it should be a lot of fun!
Have a great rest of your week.  Please email me (mlf7act at aol.com) if you have any questions or ideas or if you just want to say hi (believe it or not, we really do like to get feedback from you!).  ;)
(If you're over at MLK plaza Wednesday morning/afternoon, please stop by the CSU table and say hi to Kelly.)  :)
In Christ,
Marisa (mlf7act at aol.com)
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