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Clay Parker cparker676 at
Thu Sep 5 02:58:29 EDT 2002

hi, thank you for your interest. my name is clay parker and i was on the crew team this year. your timing is perfect. our season is just starting. actually our recruitment meeting is this upcoming friday. the 6th in the marshall center lobby at 7:30. any questions you might have about time, where, how, who..all that stuff will be answered

you can also contact me clay at 817-7596 for anything you have questions on

I'm so glad your interested, its a great sport, you make tons of freinds, get in great shape, and ROW!!

7:30 pm  
Marshall Center Lobby

clay parker

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hey, my name is victoria and i received an e-mail from this sn about crew. is there any more info that i can have about the team? thank you!  
*Victoria ---
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