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Brandon Faza faza at
Thu Jul 4 21:07:19 EDT 2002

Fellow Crew Members,

     Whutz shakin ya'll..... Brandon flippin back atcha. I was wondering if we 
have officers for this coming year yet. If so, this is for their ears. King 
High School has contacted me, they have a coach and a new crew team, and would 
like to practice with our crew team for the Spring semester of this coming 
year and all to come. I simply told them I'd pass the idea along and get back 
to them. They also requested some information, which I gladly shared, 
concerning crew in general. So, whoever's initiative it is to give permission 
for this (probably whoever we answer to), please let me know.

     For those of us in Tampa, I'm thinkin we could get an early start with 
practices so we don't spend the entire first month learning how to run again 
(and those *shudder* jumpies). I'd be willing to start meeting early in August 
for start-off and recruitment planning and perhaps a little conditioning for 
our own good. Let me know whatcha think, if I'm overstepping the bounds 

     Thanks guys, and see you in the Fall. USF crew better whip some butt this 
year, holla!

                              - Brandon


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