Next Year

Brandon Faza faza at
Tue Apr 2 09:14:19 EST 2002

Dear Esteemed Fellow Members,

    Whaz shakin ya'll?! I would like to inquire as to the progression of the 
planning for next year's crew team. How has the afternoon time worked out, and 
have you set a time for next semester? I'd really like to plan my schedule 
around crew, ensuring that I wouldn't miss a row. I'm not sure, however, 
whether to not schedule 8:00AM classes or to leave 4:00PM - 6:00PM classtime 
free. Also, I've found two people who were coxes in high school - apparently a 
few high schools in Sarasota had rowing teams. I don't know if they are 
willing to commit or not, but I'm sure if I gave both of them the information 
for next semester, one or the other might join. Finally, I've found a 
particular friend who has many connections with the big shots downtown, and we 
might be able to secure some boats or perhaps some corporate funding if we are 
serious about becoming a varsity sport. (Hey, we're still gonna have to have 
Topless Carwashes, would it be Crew Team without them?!) Let us know. Katch 
yah guys!
                                       - Brandon 

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