[bizjobs-u] Great 2 credit class for the Spring: Career Development for Today

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Are you unsure of your major or future career goal?

Confused about matching your major to a career?

Unsure about conducting a job search that gets results - or how to connect with employers?

Want to learn practical, proven strategies to develop your career path?

The Career Center is offering 5 sections of "Career Development for Today" this spring (2 credits) with all of the courses being taught by Career Counselors. There is no permit required to register.

In this class students will:

 *   Make an informed decision about a career and major.
 *   Identify and re-frame negative career thoughts that create barriers to making a career decision.
 *   Identify your skills, values, interests and personality style.
 *   Find campus resources you can use to research occupations and USF majors.
 *   Develop a polished resume.
 *   Impress employers at an interview
 *   Conduct a customized, self-directed job search.
 *   Connect with employers.
 *   Create a customized, personal career action plan that can help keep you on track to your future career.
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Wed., 9:40-11:30

CHE 302


Fri., 11:50am-1:40pm

EDU 161


Tue., 2:00-3:50pm

SOC 384


Mon., 11:50am-1:40pm

EDU 313


Mon., 11:50am -1:40pm

CHE 302

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