Clay here, anyone want free Red Bull for finals?

shelby graham graven6 at
Tue Apr 20 21:13:41 EDT 2004

No offense clay b/c i don't know you personally but I side with the whole nation of France in the need to ban Red Bull. If it is not properly taken and abused it can lead to temporary dangerous side effects. This mail serve is for Ambassadorial business and not to push a product. No harm intended by this e-mail but I want everyone to know that Energy drinks contain dangerous supplements that your system may have a negative reaction towards. I have experienced one and strongly urge those with systems sensitive to caffeine to think twice before drinking up. Otherwise enjoy to you hearts content but remember that these statements are not supported by the FDA:
"Im not sure if you all are aware of the benefits of Red Bull, but it helps 
you concentrate, retain information and improve reaction speed, all which 
are extremely beneficial while studying."
So please be careful and I hope everyone tames the stress of finals in a positive way.
SHELBY GRAHAM usf-st. pete

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