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Mon Apr 19 19:44:19 EDT 2004

DAMN call me out- GEESH!! love you too..
hope all is well, send me some love sometime too.
--- Joena Bartolini <jnbartolini at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I spoke to Amanda Thomas today and she mentioned
> that during interviews she 
> had spoken to Julia and some others and apparently
> there was some confusion 
> as to whether or not I had fallen off the face of
> the earth.  Some points 
> regarding this:
> 1. No, I did not.
> 2. I have spoken to Joey on several occasions. 
> Joey, as we know has a 
> problem remembering things sometimes.  Example: Joey
> went to visit me at my 
> old apartment where I have not lived for 2 months. 
> Joey knew that I moved, 
> but "forgot" and was sad when I was not there (love
> you, Joe).
> 3.  I am employed at the Tampa Bay Builders
> Association as their Government 
> Affairs Specialist.  Basically, I am a lobbyist for
> local home builders.  I 
> also do a little with state and national.  My office
> is on Kennedy.
> 4.  I am a bad friend and have not called Natalie
> back, even though I think 
> she is great and would rather hang with her then
> yucky work people at stuffy 
> events.
> 5.  I am a bad friend and have not e-mailed or
> called Jill.
> 6.  Congrats to the new Ambassadors.
> 7.  Mass e-mails are SO annoying, and I apologize.
> Jodi
> jnbartolini at hotmail.com (personal)
> joena at tbba.net (work)
> 727-542-1187 (cell)
> JB
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> moves to slim your waist. 
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