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Wed Apr 14 22:24:33 EDT 2004

       Hey everyone, it's Jacquie! I just wanted to send out some last minute 
stuff about Paint Your Heart Out, which is this Saturday! We're meeting at 
the alumni center at 7:30 to carpool over to the house. We need to be there by 8 
so it's imperative that everyone show up on time. My cell phone number is: 
758-5491. Please call me with any problems, etc., that you have the morning of.
       Also, if you are not signed up to come to the event, please bring 
something by the Alumni Center to support those of us who are sacrificing an 
entire day of our time. We need paint brushes (you'll get these back) snacks, 
drinks and anything else you can think of that will help us out that day! And if 
you are coming, please try to bring a snack to share with everyone so that we 
have some food to munch on while we're working.
       These are the people I have signed up to come Saturday:
                Claire, Darius (leave 1:30), Ivy, Alexis, Ashley Ledford, 
Clay, Whitney,  Ashley F. and roommate (leave 1:45), Sharen, Laurie, Julia, 
Andrea, Natalie C (leave 2:00), Sabrina M., Bryan, Dimple (leave 12:30), and 

       As you can see, a lot of people can only come for the beginning of the 
day. If you can come later in the afternoon, PLEASE do so and help those of 
us out who will still be needing to do another coat of paint. My cell phone 
number again is: 758-5491. Call me if you're going to come in the afternoon. And 
if you are not signed up and would like to be, email me ASAP and let me know.
       People I have signed up to bring items are:

                Cooler: Ravi
                Ice/bowls for paint: Julia
                bug spray: Olumide
                sunscreen (45/15): Jacquie
                Drinks: Clay, Dorothy, Ravi, Claire
                Snacks: Jacquie, Dimple
                Brushes: Jacquie
                Conatiners for paint: Rachel
                Cups: Andrea
                Toilet paper: Ashley
                Handsoap: Andrea
                   Camera: Andrea
                 Ladder: Joey
                Scappers/sandpaper: ???

       If you are not signed up, please bring something to the alumni office 
before Saturday or to the function on Saturday. It would be nice to have 
everyone's support even though everyone cannot come.
       If you cannot come in the morning but can come later in the day, the 
address is:

       8711 N. Ola Ave
       Tampa, FL 33604

       You can get direct directions off MapQuest, but if you're coming from 
USF it's a Right onto Busch, a Left onto Florida, a Right onto Yukon, and a 
Right onto Ola. Very easy I promise. 

      **AND REMEMBER, there's an after party at Raymond James field starting 
at 6 - it sounds like a lot of fun, PLUS THERE'S FREE FOOD! I am hoping to go 
if anyone wants to go with.***

       OK, I think that's it. If I think of anything else I will email out. 
And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Hope you're excited to 
Paint Your Heart Out, Ambassadors!!

Jacquie Henderson
Ambassadors Community Service Co-Chair
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