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Wed Apr 7 19:35:28 EDT 2004

       Hi everyone it's Jacquie. I discussed the details of Paint Your Heart 
Out at the meeting today, and I wanted to write a follow-up email so that in 
case you were not at the meeting you get the information.
       First off, there are 103 houses being painted around the bay area and 
we are lucky to have one right next to USF. It's off of Busch and Florida, so 
only a few minutes from campus. I went and met with the owners yesterday to 
survey the house. They are George and Lillian Braidwood, 92 and 93 years old! 
They are so cute and are very excited about getting their house painted. Lillian 
is going to open up the garage for us and put out some chairs and a table for 
us to use for food, lunch, etc.
       Their house is small, but the facilities suffice. There is not a lot 
of room for parking, so carpooling is a must. We will be meeting at the alumni 
center before we go so that this can happen.

       This is an all day event on Saturday, April 17 from 8-5 (at the 
latest, I am sure we'll finish before this). This means we need to meet at the 
alumni center at 7:30 to get to the house by 8 - I know it's early, but imagine how 
much we'll get done just in the morning, and how happy we're making George 
and Lillian! PYHO will be driving around and they are going to provide breakfast 
for us - some donuts, coffee, and McDonald's. However, they will not be 
giving us any drinks. I sent around a sign up sheet at the meeting today for people 
to sign up to bring things Saturday, which I will include at the end of this 
email, but if you are not able to go and would like to donate some stuff to 
the rest of us, it would be greatly appreciated!

       Please bring your own lunch - make a sandwich, stop by Publix or 
Subway and pick one up, etc. You can of course leave and grab something after the 
first coat is applied (we'll be doing 2), but I figure with carpooling and all, 
it would be easier to do it this way. 

       You must be 18 years old to paint and I will be bringing waivers for 
everyone working to fill out. Everyone participating gets a free shirt - WOO 
HOO!!! It says PYHO,T and has all the sponsors on the back.

       And major bonus . . . They are throwing a party for all of the people 
involved with PYHO! It will be at Raymond James Stadium from 6pm until sunset 
with lots of free BBQ (Sonny's is a sponsor), desserts, and Coke. There will 
also be a DJ, games and prizes so we'll definitely have a good time at that - 
hey, if it's free it's for me!

       OK, I think this is it for now. Please let me know if you have any 
questions or concerns. 

The people I have down as attending are as follows - please let me know if 
you would like to be added: 
Claire, Darius, Ivy, Carly, Alexis, Ashley L, Clay, Whitney, Ashley F (& 
roommate), Sharen, Laurie, Olumidae, Julia, Andrea, Ravi, Natalie C, Sabrina 

Things to be brought:
Extra paint brushes, extra paint containers (cups, Tupperware, etc.), a 
cooler, hedge trimmers, drinks, cups, snacks.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I know this was a long email, but there's lots of info. 
I hope you're getting as excited as I am!

Jacquie Henderson
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