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> From: J. Travis French [mailto:d3rep at hotmail.com]
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> Subject: Important District 3 Information!
> Hello everyone! This email is very important so please make sure that all
> aspects are reviewed and covered with your delegates and/or executive
> board.
> The following materials will include a summary of the 2000 ASAP
> International Assembly in Phoenix, the 2001 ASAP District 3 Conference,
> campus advocates, the regional liaison position, and ASAP membership
> renewal
> forms. On Tuesday, August 29th, 2000, I am sending out a packet of
> information to every school in reference to the materials below.
> I would first like to thank all the organizations and delegates that
> attended the 2000 ASAP International Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. The
> conference was a great success for everyone. This by far was one of the
> best
> educational, as well as fun, conferences that I have ever attended. Heat
> and
> all, I gained a lot of knowledge that I will be able to apply to my own
> organization, District 3, and ASAP in general. I highly recommend everyone
> try their best to attend next year's International Assembly in Toronto,
> Canada if at all possible. Information about the International Assembly in
> Toronto can be found at www.case.org/asap.
> If you have or have not heard, District 3 Conference 2001 will be held at
> the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. The scheduled date for
> conference is February 15th-18th, 2001. With some schools having big
> basketball tournaments, along with Spring Break, the committee decided to
> stay out of the month of March. Also, with everyone having finals at
> different times in late April and early May, the thought also was to stay
> away from April for conference as well. Taking into consideration that
> hotel's availability, we made the final decision for February 15th-18th.
> The
> theme for Conference 2001 is "On Broadway in the Bluegrass." The hotel of
> choice is the Hyatt Regency Lexington. All reservations may be made once
> your packets arrive.
> By now, you all should know about the Campus Advocate program that the
> board is working on. Your Campus Advocate is an appointed position by the
> adviser and or president of each organization. The campus advocate, along
> with your adviser(s), will receive copies of all the mail that is sent to
> your organization. It is the role of the campus advocate, along with your
> adviser(s), to relay all messages coming from ASAP headquarters and the
> District 3 office to your membership. Once again, this is an appointed
> position by the adviser and/or president and should be reported to Jason
> Coleman at asap at case.org. This position is a very important one that
> allows
> for easier communication between ASAP and your own institution.  If your
> organization has not appointed its 2000-2001 Campus Advocate, please
> contact
> ASAP International at asap at case.org to designate one of your member
> representatives to this position for this membership year.  If we do not
> hear from you, your president will be designated as the default advocate
> and
> it is their responsibility to complete the monthly reports, inform your
> organization as to the happenings of ASAP, and prepare updates from your
> organization for the ASAP website and Advancement Quarterly.
> Another position that I must clarify on is the State Rep. The State Rep
> position no longer exists. However, not all is lost. With a few
> adjustments
> in their responsibilities, state representatives are now called "Regional
> Liaisons." Pretty fancy, huh? This position is for a student member from
> each state (yeah!!! advisers are off the hook) and is now a one-year
> position.  Anyway, applications for the Regional Liaison position will be
> included in your packets that you should receive next week. Deadlines,
> along
> with responsibilities will be included. Any and all current State Reps
> must
> notify me on the application whether or not they are the current State Rep
> and if you are still interested in the position you hold. Not responding
> will indicate to me that you are not interested any more and a new
> appointment will be made. Again please understand that there is only one
> student regional liaison per state and that Jason Coleman and I appoint
> these positions.
> Last but not least, let's discuss membership. Whether or not you are
> already
> a renewed member, I want everyone to contact me on their status. I have a
> large number of schools that have not renewed their membership. The
> initial
> forms were mailed from CASE on April 22 but there have been quite a few
> people misplace them or never receive them due to a change in advisers.
> Whatever the reason, please contact me about your membership renewal forms
> because all of the membership forms are tailored to your institution. The
> deadline for everyone to be in this year's directory is September 12.
> Therefore, please contact me via phone or email so that we can work out
> your
> specific needs.  You can also see your organization's status on the D3 web
> page at http://www.case.org/asap/District3/membership.html.
> Well, I know that is a lot of information to cover in an email but all of
> these topics needed to be addressed. Please feel free to contact whenever
> you can because I plan on being in the office at all hours (other than
> during class) in order to see to it that Conference is a success, our
> District is represented in the best form possible, and I personally answer
> everyone's questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
> J. Travis French
> District 3 Representative
> Northern Kentucky University
> Mark R. Hermann Center-Nunn Drive
> Highland Heights, KY 41099
> Phone: (606) 572-6120
> Fax:   (606) 442-3508
> Email: D3Rep at hotmail.com

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