Welcome Back! First Meeting...

Jrunkles at aol.com Jrunkles at aol.com
Sun Aug 27 23:15:50 EDT 2000

Hello Ambassadors,
I hope you all had a wonderful and outstanding summer.  For some of us it 
might even be a break to just start classes and the fall semester.  There is 
excitement in the air and I cannot wait to get started.  I hope you all are 
as thrilled as myself and the executive board about having an awesome year.  
Our first meeting is this Tuesday, 5pm sharp (the sooner we get started, the 
sooner we can end and socialize), at the Alumni Center.  We will be going 
over a lot of information in our initial meeting, so please everyone attend.  
I cannot wait to see all of you and catch up.  This year is going to be an 
outstanding blast.  I know we are just starting our classes tomorrow (yuck!), 
but we need to start thinking about who we want to recruit this fall.  So, 
when you go to your classes this week pay attention to your classmates and 
acquire whether or not any of them would be great USF Ambassadors.  Well, you 
all have a great first day of classes and I will see you all on Tuesday.  
Remember to show why we are the "Spirit of USF."  If anyone has any 
questions, please email me.  

Love you all,
The Green and Gold!   

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