Team Work

Misteriosa apizano at
Mon Mar 30 09:21:14 EST 1998

HELLO FELLOW AMBASSADORS!  Thanks for the message Rocky and thanks Natalie
for driving yesterday.  

Yes, the fund-raiser was definitely an experience of sorts.  I'm still
smelling hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken sandwiches, ribeye steak sandwiches,
french fries, and nachos!  Atleast we didn't have to walk back to the car.

Well, as for those who were unable to make it, we missed you and you
missed out on an awesome bonding opportunity.  

To those from the regional campuses who were able to help us out, the
words THANK YOU cannot express enough gratitude.  Hats off to you all!

Much Ambassador love and respect,
		"Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down
		   on time wasted in disapproving of others."

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