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Thu Mar 19 14:19:23 EST 1998

Hello, everyone!  Sorry, I wasn't there for Tuesday's meeting but I had a
mandatory seminar to go to for my psychology class that I kept putting
off.  They were for every Tues during our meeting time and I realized the
night before that Tues was the last chance to take the class.  SORRY!  I

Well, thank you to Natalie who took notes at this meeting and was kind
enough to type them up for me. :)  Here goes:

	   		  Ambassador Organization
			 University of South Florida
			       Tampa Campus

		     **MEETING MINUTES - 3/17/98**

I.	Meeting was called to order by Rocky - 5pm
II.	Ambassador Development
III.	Guest Speakers:
	 Betty Freeman - Executive Secretary to the Exec. Dir. of the
Alumni Assn: she has many different responsibilities, and is familiar
w/all aspects of the Alumni Assn. - feel free to stop in the Assn. office
any time.
	 Darren Pearson - has been with the Alumni Assn. for 10wks.  He's
in charge of moving into the new Alumni Ctr.  Once the ctr. opens, he will
be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the ctr., and managing
events hosted in the ctr.  Feel free to stop in the Alumni Ctr. any time -
this is our home, too.
IV.	Wendy addressed Sweet 16 "problems"
	 	-No planes or guests arrived on Tues.
		-Wed. will be a little more busy
		-Thurs. will be very busy
		-Need people for airport on Fri, from 10-12pm
			Michele, Aaron, Rich, Jessica, Penny
	IMPORTANT: Greet all Alumni and guests dressed in team colors.
V.	Check your credit hours with Emmanuel - he has an up-to-date list.
VI.	New Events:
		1) April 1st - 2:15-5pm
			Leadership Conference - need someone to speak for
10min. showcasing USF: Jessica, Rich
		2) Fantastic Friday
			April 3, 8-5pm (Flexible hrs. due to Magnolia Ball
that evening)Need as many Ambassadors as possible - showcase of USF for
prospective students:
		Penny, Leslie, Natalie, Dirk, Erika, Aaron, Jessica, land
		Etiquette Workshop instead, 5-7pm, Campus View East
VIII.	Ambassador Stuffing Party (for graduation packets)
		april 17, 5pm - ?
		(Bring your own dinner)
IX.	Ambassador Fund-raiser
		Devil Rays Game, Tropicana Field
	March 29, 10am-4pm
	See Jackie for information packet, maps will be distributed at
	Etiquette Workshop.  Dress is khaki pants/shorts, white t-shirt.
X.	Bull Bucket Reading
XI.	Meeting adjourned at 6pm by Rocky

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 903-8205.

Have a great rest-of-the day!

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