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Misteriosa apizano at
Fri Mar 6 10:54:19 EST 1998

Hello fellow Ambassadors!!  Hope everyone's day is going great and you're
all psyched about Spring Break. (does it rhyme?)

Tampa Campus:

Just to let new Ambassadors know, we each have a mailbox in the office
area.  In the desk, in the bottom drawer on the right, there are file
folders with each of our names on them.  If you'd like to leave a note for
someone, a candy bar, anything, just look for their name and drop it in
there.  If the drawer is locked, it's because the pencil drawer that is
right in the middle of the desk is closed all the way.  Just open it and
then the other drawers will open.  I just added the new Ambassadors' names
to the mailboxes, so everyone's name should be in there.  If your name
is not, please e-mail me and let me know or leave me a note in my mailbox.
Please feel free to write funny notes, jokes, art work, and anything you'd
like.  This system has always worked well so let's keep tradition going.

Also: if you see a picture of a fellow Ambassador in The Oracle, USF
Magazine, or any other publication, cut it out and feel free to tape it up
on the wall in the office area.  Well, I'll see you after Spring Break.
Be safe and have fun!  Oh yeah, rest too! :)

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		     "Life does not guarantee happiness,
	            it is our purpose in life to seek it."
						...Anh-kay Pizano

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