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Thanks, Natalie for taking notes at the last meeting and typing up the
minutes!  Great job!

			Ambassador Organization
		      University of South Florida
			    Tampa Campus

		    **MEETING MINUTES - 3/3/98**

I.	Meeting was called to order by Anh-kay at 5:15pm
II.	Reading of the agenda - Speakers from Sweet 16 will be in
III.	Anh-kay's new phone number - 903-8205
IV.	Announcements
	*One of Paul Noble's students needs a dress for prom, size 5.  You
	can call Paul at 671-5212.  He will dry clean it for you.
V.	Mentoring Program
	*Rich spoke about last week's mentoring meeting.  He hopes to
	start the program soon with Alumni Ambassadors.  Michele and Penny spoke
	about how the meeting went.
VI.	Ambassador Fund-raiser by Jackie
	*Sunday, March 29, 9-4pm we will work concessions for the Devil
	Rays game at Tropicana Field.  18 Ambassadors must attend.  Directions and
	exact location TBA.
VII.	Sweet 16 Representatives
	Holly Clifford and Wendy Giffin 
		*USF is the host institution for the Sweet 16 tournament.
		Ambassadors will be the first impression of the Tampa Bay 
		area for many attendees.
		*4 teams will be arriving for the tournament, airport will
		be staffed Tues.-Friday.  Host hotel is the Downtown
		St.Pete Hilton.
		*Practices, including a free to the public practice, will
		be held on Sun.  Game times will vary based on television
		*At the airport:  Ambassadors park in lot 11, casual 
		dress, greet anyone dressed in team colors, info. about 
		team arrivals is forthcoming, for team arrivals: two
		Ambassadors at the gate, two at baggage claim, for all
		other arrivals, Ambassadors should be positioned at
		the foot of the escalators in baggage claim, make sure
		team, band, & cheerleaders busses arrive, and that every-
		one gets on a bus, 10 info. specialists at TIA have
		been hired to assist in directions for guests arriving at
		the airport.
		*There will be a post-event thank you party, details are
		forthcoming.  Keep in mind the ESPN X-Trials in St. Pete
		by the pier at Spa Beach-Ambassadors are encouraged to
		work the practice day (4/16) or game days 4/17-19), times
		to be announced.
VIII.	New events
	*5/1, 6-8pm, College of Fine Arts Graduation Celebration
	Postponed sign-up for event until next meeting-not enough
	Ambassador repsonse.
IX.	Previous Events
	*Celebration for Free Enterprise: a huge success attended by many
	prominent Tampa business people.
	Engineering Expo went well, but not much to do.
X.	Etiquette Class - Kwaileen has signed us up for the 3/24.  There
	will be no Ambassador meeting that evening, due to the class.
XI.	Conference USA - Rocky and Emmanuel attending in Cincinnati.
XII.	Confirmed airport times for Sweet 6.
XIII.	Committee meetings for 10 minutes.
XIV.	Wendy will mail maps and badges for Sweet 16-check your mail
XV.	Bull Bucket reading
XVI.	Meeting adjourned at 6:10pm

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