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Thu Feb 26 20:34:01 EST 2009

International Transparency and Secrecy Research Network


As we near Sunshine Week 2009, March 15-21, I just wanted to 
reach out  to make sure everyone knows about the free materials 
available to  participants -- and where to find them. (And I 
apologize to all for the  inevitable cross postings and to those who 
are receiving this but have  no interest.)

We have some Sunshine Week toolkit materials available now on 
the Web site (www.sunshineweek.org). They can be found under 
the "Toolkit" tab. 
I would emphasize that this is just the beginning of what's 
More comes in almost every day now, and the pace will increase 
as we get  closer, so please be sure to check back as March 15 

Newly added are three online ads -- a banner, a button and a 
skyscraper in IAB standard sizes. They join the previously 
released print and  broadcast ads (which also can be used 
online). Spanish language versions  of the print and online ads 
are coming soon. A couple of opinion columns 
are now posted, and several more are  expected on a variety of 
FOI and government transparency issues.

In addition to the opinion columns, other materials to look for 
coming up include: a calendar of Sunshine Week events (and 
please send in 
anything you've got for that); informational graphics contributed by 
McClatchy-Tribune Graphics in Washington; editorial cartoons 
members of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists; 
new items 
in the Sunshine Week online store; a national public opinion 
survey on 
secrecy and FOI issues by Scripps Howard News Service and 
University; and the results of the Sunshine Week/ASNE-NFOIC-
nationwide survey of state government information online.

All materials in the toolkit are available for ANY participant to use 
during Sunshine Week at no cost. We only ask that you indicate 
that its use is in conjunction with or celebration of (or some such 
Sunshine Week. Please be advised as well that we ask you 
please not to 
use any of the work before March 15, and when Sunshine Week 
ends on 
March 21, you will need permission of the creators to use their 
(Student newspapers on spring break during Sunshine Week can 
contact me 
directly about special permissions.)

We'll once again be assembling an online gallery of the great 
produced, so please be sure to send links and/or PDF or JPG 
files to me 
when they're available.

Thanks to everyone for the support in the past and all that we're 
is coming.


Debra Gersh Hernandez
Sunshine Week
dghernandez at asne.org

International Transparency and Secrecy Research Network

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