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Apologies for any duplication:

We are pleased to introduce the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Science
and Metadata 
Community, and welcome participation from individuals and organizations
interested in all 
aspects of metadata relating to scientific data.

Funders of scientific research are increasingly attentive to the
management of scientific 
data so that the full value of research investments can be realized and
preserved.  Doing 
so requires attention to the description and structure of datasets and
vocabularies to 
support data preservation, reuse, and repurposing.

The DCMI Science and Metadata Community is a forum for individuals and
organizations to 
exchange information and knowledge about metadata describing scientific
data.  The 
Community focuses on metadata challenges specific to scientific data
curation, and 
solutions that will benefit from the architecture and global reach of
the Dublin Core 
Metadata Initiative.

These challenges include:
- Canonical identification of datasets, critical for establishing
provenance, auditing 
value and use, and attracting social-networking attention that will
enhance their value.
- Better description of data and vocabularies, such that potential users
may more easily 
determine suitability for use and repurposing, as well as ancillary
applications such as 
rendering and interpretation.
- Design and declaration of schemas to support reuse.

An initial deliverable of the group includes a survey of existing
standards and metadata 
elements used to describe datasets, which will form the basis for
community discussion 
and a work agenda to be initiated at DC-2009.

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is an open organization
engaged in the 
development of interoperable online metadata standards that support a
broad range of 
purposes and business models.  To learn more, see:

To learn more about the Science and Metadata community, or to become
- visit the community website at:  http://dublincore.org/groups/sam/ 
- join the community electronic mailing list at:  

An open workshop and meeting will be held at the 2009 International
Conference on Dublin 
Core and Metadata Applications, "Semantic Interoperability of Linked
Data," which will 
be held in Seoul, Korea (http://www.dc2009.kr/), 12-16, October, 2009.
We encourage 
community participation online via the mailing list for those who cannot

Please feel free to forward this announcement.


Jane Greenberg and Stu Weibel, Moderators 
Sarah Carrier, Documentation Coordinator
DCMI Science and Metadata Community

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