[Libs&Communities] get backbone you people of "ilk"

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I am not sure why the University of Florida librarian, Mr. Saltzburg,
had been  subbed to ALAET- our community and libraries list--, but I
have removed him from the ALAET subscriber list  so he need not engage
with those of our "ilk."

There are over 700 members of A LIBRARIAN AT EVERY TABLE and it is my
belief that we all want to support and sustain library service. It is
not lack of backbone that causes us to care,; it is our desire to
share life's possibilities.


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My mother is from the South of France and I was born in Paris. Growing
up I went to French school, then came to the US. Long story short-I
never received special treatment nor did I seek it. Back in the day
immigrants were delighted to be here in the USA.

Please stop complaining and get some backbone! You and your ilk have
weakened this country!
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The Library That Target Built--BY RACHEL CLOUES

...Eighty percent of the students at our bilingual school are
Latina/o, yet only a handful of the books from the Target makeover
came in Spanish. Most of the picture books are not high-quality
literature, and very few of them depict people of color as major
characters. A set of library books for parents also came with the
makeover. A nice idea, perhaps, but almost every book portrays a
smiling white man or white woman on the cover; titles include Mommy
Millionaire, The Six-Day Financial Makeover, The Smart Cookies’ Guide
to Making More Dough, and Simple Solutions for Families in the Fast
Lane. I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the books
Target gave our school community support a consumerist vision of the
world. Most of these 200 parent books (with only a few in Spanish) are
not only inappropriate, but also offensive in a school where more than
80 percent of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and parents
juggle multiple jobs to keep their families afloat in a city with the
highest rents in the nation....

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